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Certification Workshops for MD, DO, DMD, DDS, NP, PA, Rns.

Offering Quality Training by the Pioneer of the industry. We teach all Botox, Dermal Filler, Advanced Dermal Filler/Botox and Sclerotherapy training courses with GUARANTEED Hands-on instruction.


We are committed to providing the Medical Professional with the best possible programs of their kind, in an environment that is stimulating and fun. Falcon Medical Training is where the world's physicians and dentist come together to learn aesthetic medicine.

Here are some of the comments that our participants have said about us.
Thank you!

Carol S. Twyman, MD
First of all, thanks for a great conference. Your knowledge is extensive, organization, much appreciated, and professionalism, refreshing. I can highly recommend your conferences to colleagues.

Veronica, B. MSN, FNP
I want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had during your courses in New York. Not only did I learn a lot from your courses, I met some great people including you and your staff. As you know, I have taken other aesthetic courses, which believe me, they do not compare to yours. Your subject matter is more extensive, comprehensive, and overall more professional. I strongly recommend your course to anyone who is interested in learning about the ever-evolving medical aesthetic industry and improving their clinical skills. I look forward to seeing you again in the near future for your advanced courses that I have not taken yet. Once again, thank you for working with me.

Dr. Federico Pettograss, Italy
Thank you for everything; it was a pleasure to meet you and your staff!   I’m so glad that I went to the Symposium and I am looking forward to working with you in Italy.

Dr. Michele Polon, D.O.
Dear Falcon Medical Training,
I just wanted to Thank You again for the fabulous experience I received at your recent Tarrytown, NY
Dermal Fillers course. I have taken several other aesthetic courses in the past that paled in comparison to your informative presentation and well supervised hands on injection training. With the completion of the class I definitely had the technical skill and confidence to start implementing these procedures in my office. Another added benefit for me was actually learning the dental block procedure. I am still amazed at how many other courses do not emphasize learning this skill to provide patients added comfort during injection. I look forward to attending one of your advanced classes in the near future!

Dr. Yao, CA
Hi, Falcon Medical Training. I just attended your wonderful Botox seminar. I must say it was one of the better seminars I had taken recently! It was fast paced, a good balance of didactic and practical. A lot of useful information I can implement right away! I learned a lot! I KNOW I can do Botox! Thank you! I'll send others your way!

Ana Lamas, M.D
After practicing Medicine for twenty years, I decided to expand my practice to include Aesthetic Services. I attended Falcon Medical Training's courses on Botox and Dermal Fillers and found her to be a very knowledgeable and professional instructor. Her courses are extremely complete with information that encompasses a variety of clinical scenarios in areas, which are new to all her students. Her seminars include an absolutely invaluable hands-on component that boosts the participant's confidence. She and her staff are helpful and will answer all of your questions, no matter how simple they may seem. After the course ends, Falcon Medical Training and their staff continue to be attentive to the students and will answer questions posed by telephone. I recommend her courses without reservation and thank her for laying the foundation for my newfound clinical pursuits.

Dr. Joel Alves, Brazil
Falcon Medical Training course was excellent, combining theory and hands-on made me feel ready to get started right away.  

Emily H., M.D.
Thank you so much! When I took your courses I had no idea about how much information you were giving us, and then when I was putting together my business almost everything needed was there in your handouts and CDs. I could not have gotten started as quickly as I did without your help. I am now an independent contractor working out of three different spas in the Phoenix area and things are starting to take off.

Kay Tarry. NP Utah
Falcon Medical Training is an excellent program. Falcon Medical Training and their staff are extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and helpful. Falcon Medical Training not only are an excellent instructors they gives you the knowledge, tools, and hands on experience that gives you a wonderful foundation in which to build your confidence and skills for an aesthetic business. Falcon Medical Training is the BEST!

Dr. Philippe Malafosse, Paris France
I recently took your training course on Botox and wanted to thank you for such a fabulous course.  I am looking forward to you brining your courses to France so that I can take additional ones!

Todd K. M., M.D., Las Vegas
My partner and I attended Falcon Medical Training courses for Botox and Restylane. The courses were well organized, the handouts were very helpful, and the clinical pearls provided by Falcon Medical Training were invaluable. The hands on workshops were highly skilled and enjoyable with just the right amount of coaching. I would highly recommend and I plan on taking her advanced course.

Brian W, MD , Florida
Just a note of thanks for helping me to change my career late in life and just in the nick of time!!! You made me feel like I would succeed and I believed you, thanks for that. I also appreciate your callbacks when disaster strikes.

Richard Mantell M.D, NY.
Just a short note to let you know how wonderful of an experience it was attending the courses on Botox, dermal fillers and sclerotherapy. Not only do the courses give you the didactic knowledge, but also the hands on experience gave me the confidence to book and perform these procedures like I've been doing them for years. The policies and procedures, consent forms, pre and post-procedure instructions truly made the course a turnkey package on setting up a successful practice. Falcon Medical Training were not only highly knowledgeable in the field, but also quite professional in her presentations, and extremely motivating to myself and my nurse Kim. Thanks to Falcon Medical Training, my company has contracted to provide medical aesthetic treatments to 13 spas and we have added a RNP and PA to our staff. Looking forward to attending the upcoming mesotherapy in May. Thanks for everything

Ruth R. NP
Thanks for the class this weekend. It was 100% better than the other courses I had taken, not only because of the "hands on" but the didactics as well.

Keri P., MD
Thanks again for a great class. Falcon Medical Training drew on her years of experience to provide a wealth of information for me that far exceeded my expectations. The course was a very comprehensive program that gave me hands on experience and confidence. Falcon Medical Training's tricks of the trade offered great insight into the field of aesthetics.

Gerald A., MD, Florida
This is my second class taken at Falcon Medical Training. I feel 100% prepared to leave here and perform Botox. Lecture was informative and practical skills were perfectly adequate. I also enjoyed Falcon Medical Training's professionalism and expertise. I will not hesitate to take a course in the future!

Patrick O., DO
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the wonderful instruction you provided on Botox and Restylane use for facial enhancement. I found you provided and excellent foundation for me to build upon as I begin my aesthetic practice here in NY. Please extend my sincere thanks to all of your staff, especially Victoria, for all their efforts to make the weekend such a successful learning experience.

Peter B., MD
I want to thank you for your superb two-day course on Botox and Restylane. It was the best training I have received since entering the medical spa field. Your verbal presentation, syllabus, and hands on instruction was not only comprehensive but also confidence building. After presenting the science of Botox and fillers, you taught the art. The small class size allowed individual supervision as we worked on each other and your volunteers. I know the other attendees share my enthusiasm and feel prepared to offer these enhancing modalities safely and effectively.

George L.MD, New York, NY
I can't express enough how thankful I was to have taken your sclerotherapy, Botox, mesotherapy, and dermal fillers course. Although I had attended multiple half-day courses in the past by the "who is who" in New York City cosmetic surgeons, I never felt comfortable performing these procedures myself. After only one week of teaching at the Aesthetic Enhancement Institute, I felt completely competent and most of all comfortable with all of these procedures. I am sure that your teaching method, environment conducive to learning and your educational manuals had everything to do with this. I have now significantly increased my productivity and gross income at the office. I am frequently being praised for my ability to make people look and feel better and I have even worked on a current A-list supermodel. I would attend the courses all over again and I will continue to refer others.

.Linda P., RNP, NY
Your Botox, Restylane classes were life changing for me!! I will never look at someone's face the same way again. At the airport, while waiting for my return flight home, I found myself studying the faces of both men and women to determine how each one could benefit from the administration of Botox and/or Restylane. Thank you for these truly life changing courses. I will be back for more!

A. Hernandez, DDS
Thank you both for all your efforts. The workshops certainly met my greatest expectation. I am very pleased to have attended and have brainstormed continuously since leaving Florida.

Annetta D. MD, Vancouver, WA
Recently, I completed the most instructive and enjoyable course work with Falcon Medical Training and their staff, and found them to be complete, thorough, and professional. The Falcon Medical Training course material was very comprehensive and exceeded my expectations. The teaching was easy to comprehend and gave me a feeling of confidence in pursuit of my new career. I felt comfortable with the hands on technique and support I received. There was ample opportunity to practice those techniques we were shown, until we felt comfortable with our competence. Beyond the classroom work we were provided with abundant information to help us in pursuit of our business goals.

Gene G., MD, PA
I wanted to drop you a quick line about how pleased I was with the training that I received this past weekend. Your energy level is remarkable and your passion definitely shows through. Your common sense approach to instruction makes your class invaluable. Anyone can pour out the information. You give pearls that make the student far more comfortable in taking these techniques and incorporating them into our practices. Thank you very much. Health care professionals who are looking to enhance their skills are often at the hands of individuals who are more interesting in making money than instructing. In this sea of confusion you are a shining beacon delivering the goods that we really want and need. I have clients already lined up for later this week and have hooked up a co-sponsorship for a Bridal Expo going on in our area; so we will hit the ground running.

Michael P. MD, Tampa, FL
This workshop gives one the opportunity to not only see what can be done, but gives you the opportunity to perform these procedures in a safe, guided environment and the confidence to do it. If you have been thinking about taking any aesthetic courses, take these workshops!

Kim S. MD, Korea
In the 20 years of attending Continuing Education seminars (thousands of hours), NONE are as informative and as well organized as yours. You continue to be a leader in a league all your won and I look forward to returning. Thank You.

J. Gutierrez, MD
Your course was highly recommended to me by local physicians and I must concur that this was the best value for the dollars and time I have ever spent.

Pam A., ARNP, Aesthetic Nurse Specialist
Falcon Medical Training was the essential key to my success in starting my aesthetic business. I had been doing research on starting a medical aesthetic practice for eight months prior to attending this course. After completing this course I was up and running in only one month. I can't thank Falcon Medical Training enough. The experience was the best; the staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Falcon Medical Training are an exceptional educator. She knows the business and gives you such valuable keys of information. Thank you again for one of the best educational training experiences.

Dr. Richard L.
Thanks for a fast paced, practical, informative and motivating course. I appreciate your hands on clinical approach with "no bull" and honest expressions on how to put these procedures into practice as soon as possible in our offices. I have to get busy and organize my office for accepting all these new protocols. I enjoyed the course very much.

Sandy W.NP,  CA
If you are in pursuit of skills to turn your practice around or enhance your skills-then take this course! Well organized, well presented, individual cases discussed in a gracious, informative atmosphere.

Suzanna Y., ARNP
I can't think of any way to improve this outstanding course. I would recommend it without reservation, and I will likely return for other courses with Falcon Medical Training.

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