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Falcon Medical Training teach all Botox, Dermal Filler, Advanced Dermal Filler Botox and Sclerotherapy training courses with GUARANTEED Hands-on instruction

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Letter from Falcon Medical Training

During these difficult economic times, with a Health Care Reform Bill Looming and poor insurance reimbursement… every medical professional needs to ask how do I survive? Most need a cash practice and that is what aesthetics can do for you! Medical fee reimbursements are decreasing in relation to time spent with patients. The economic downturn has dictated a change that has affected the medical profession. The timing has never been better for you to learn Aesthetic Procedural skills.

These Aesthetic Procedures are not insurance reimbursed. These are CASH PAYING clients. At Falcon Medical Training, we are dedicated to teaching new, innovative ways to deal with the rapidly changing medical profession. Learning these procedures can be profitable. By doing five bottles of botox per month with a profit of $1000.00 per bottle, the profit for a month of five bottles would be $5,000.00 dollars per month or $60,000.00 dollars annual income, just from doing Botox.

Choosing an instructor and educational center is an important decision and is the foundation for your future career in Aesthetics. We at Falcon Medical Training are dedicated to teaching you the skills to increase your financial "bottom line" by empowering you with new skills.

So why choose Falcon Medical Training? Since 1991 we have had a long established and respected track record. Falcon Medical Training teach EVERY Botox® and Dermal Filler course. We have trained thousands of successful Physicians, Dentists and Nurses over the past 20 years. Falcon Medical Training has been referred to as the "Best in the Country" Hands-on Workshop. We GUARANTEE hands-on experience and we provide you with live models to work on.

Our groups are small, comfortable, non-biased environments, so you receive the best learning possible. While others are trying to duplicate Falcon Medical Training and our workshops, it is essential to understand the complexity and time it takes to organize a quality workshop such as Falcon Medical Training's. It has taken an enormous effort to create and organize such workshops to fit your needs. Falcon Medical Training GUARANTEES YOUR SATISFACTION and INTENSIVE HANDS-ON (critical to your success).

Our mission is to exceed the expectations of aesthetic professionals who take our workshops. and we look forward to meeting your needs during these changing times.

Falcon Medical Training
President and Founder,

Falcon Medical Training is the only trainer that guarantees your satisfaction.
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